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    Animals Gone Wild Compilation

    Premieres Tue, 4th Apr, Tue at 10pm UAE

    Pulling only the best clips from Nat Geo's fast paced, energetic series (seasons 1-3) we drill into the most gripping moments ever captured in the wild.

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    Deadliest Week Ever

    Premieres Mon 17th to 23rd Apr at 7:25pm UAE

    Nat Geo WILD presents DEADLIEST WEEK EVER, featuring nature’s most accomplished killers. From the 2 tonne hippopotamus to the lithe polecat, Nat Geo WILD’s DEADLIEST WEEK EVER reveals how animals fight for survival and hunt down their prey in a world filled with unpredictable dangers.

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    Mission Critical – Animals of the Year 2017 aka Planet Earth’s Top Ten

    Premieres Mon, 24th Apr at 9pm UAE

    We break it down with stunning HD footage, maps, stats and the latest low-down on where and how our favorite animals are right now in 2017.

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    World Penguin Day - Penguinpalooza

    Premieres Tue, 25th Apr at 8:20pm UAE

    There are 18, (maybe 19!) species of Penguins living on and around the great southern continent of Antarctica and nearby countries. Starting from the largest-the Emperor Penguin- we feature all 18 species right down to the Little Blue.


Tuesday April 25 , 2017 UAE Timing
Shark Men 12:30am
Betty White Goes Wild! 1:20am
Hunter Hunted 2:10am
Jaguar: Catching the Cat 3:00am
Animals Gone Wild 3:50am
Africa's Deadliest 4:45am
Ultimate Animal Countdown 5:40am
Jaguar: Catching the Cat 6:35am
Animals Gone Wild 7:30am
Africa's Deadliest 8:25am
Ultimate Animal Countdown 9:20am
Animals Gone Wild Compilations 10:15am
Man And The Wild 11:10am
Africa's Deadliest 12:05pm
Shark Men 1:00pm
Asia's Deadliest Snakes 1:55pm
Animals Gone Wild 2:50pm
A Penguin's Life 3:45pm
Jobs That Bite! 4:40pm
Animals Gone Wild Compilations 5:35pm
Man And The Wild 6:30pm
Man v. Monster 7:25pm
A Penguin's Life 8:20pm
Jobs That Bite! 9:10pm
Animals Gone Wild Compilations 10:00pm
Man And The Wild 10:50pm
Man v. Monster 11:40pm