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    Extreme Sharkfest

    Mon to Fri at 7:25pm UAE

    This series takes a closer look at the behavior of different species of sharks and how some of them are tearing communities apart as they are out for a feeding frenzy.

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    Dr. K’s Exotic Animal ER s2.5

    Every Thu at 10pm UAE

    In this series, Dr. K and her skilled staff treat everything from hedgehogs to large cats, birds, reptiles, rabbits and every other exotic animal imaginable and in between.

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    Premieres Sat, 12th Aug at 6:30pm UAE

    We are discovering that elephants must be considered alongside the great apes and cetaceans as one of the cleverest and most complex creatures on the planet. We are also losing them fast…Celebrate the World Elephant Day with us.

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    Mission Critical – Secrets of the Giant Manta

    Premieres Mon, 28th Aug at 9:10pm UAE

    Join scientists on an important mission to tag pregnant and juvenile mantas and then track them to one of the fabled manta nurseries that are so crucial to their survival.


Thursday August 17 , 2017 UAE Timing
Salmon Wars 12:30am
Crocs Of Katuma 1:20am
Monster Fish 2:10am
Attack of the Big Cats 3:00am
Spine Chillers: Vampire Bats 3:50am
When Sharks Attack Compilations 4:45am
Unlikely Animal Friends 5:40am
Attack of the Big Cats 6:35am
Spine Chillers: Vampire Bats 7:30am
When Sharks Attack Compilations 8:25am
Unlikely Animal Friends 9:20am
Dr. K's Exotic Animal 2.5 10:15am
World's Deadliest 11:10am
When Sharks Attack Compilations 12:05pm
Search For The Giant Octopus 1:00pm
Feast of The Grizzly 1:55pm
My Life Is A Zoo 2:50pm
World's Weirdest: Animal Taboo 3:45pm
Bandits Of Selous 4:40pm
Dr. K's Exotic Animal 2.5 5:35pm
World's Deadliest 6:30pm
Madagascar's Fantastic Creatures 7:25pm
World's Weirdest: Animal Taboo 8:20pm
Bandits Of Selous 9:10pm
Dr. K's Exotic Animal 2.5 10:00pm
World's Deadliest 10:50pm
Madagascar's Fantastic Creatures 11:40pm